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icons by jewels & oddshiz
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Welcome to jeweledicecream, a shared journal by jewels506 and _toxication.

Mainly, _toxication and jewels506 post graphics and icons. Sometimes we may post other things. :)

jeweledicecream is a protected journal, so please leave a comment on our public post and add us to your friends list, and you should soon be added.

Please read the following rules before you ask to be added:

1. Always comment when taking an icon, FO banner, brush set, ect.

2. Always give credit to jeweledicecream or _toxication/jewels506 (depending on who made the thing you're taking).

3. No direct linking.

4. Only customize if we specifically say you can.

5. To prove you've read the rules, please put "chocolate ice cream" somewhere in your comment when asking to be added.

6. We will be doing credit checks. Make sure you have credit for EVERY icon you have. If you made it yourself, then put "by me" or tell us you made it in when posting your comment. (If you don't know how to credit, there's a great tutorial here.)

Images were edited on PSP8 and Adobe Photoshop.

Resources can be found here.

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