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IMPORTANT. Please read.

Someone is leaving comments on open posts on LJ. If you click on the link in the comment, it will upload a virus.

Here is a sample of what the comment looks like:

Hello nardasarmy, i saw something like this at...

Then you're given a link to an LJ post using the URL but when you hover over it, it shows up as a link to somewhere else, an art-attack.com/users address. The "nardasarmy" bit changes to whatever the journal name they are posting the comment in.

Please, please, please be careful about clicking links left in comments over the next couple days. Hover your mouse over them without clicking and make sure you're not being tricked in some way.

If you or someone you know has been hit, try here for some help in removal. That link goes to the MajorGeeks site, and their forum thread on removing spyware and viruses.

Feel free to copy and paste this and spread the message.

*note* This probably will not happen at jeweledicecream because most of our posts are locked, but I know some of you are in other (public) icon communities, and this can happen there.
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