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56 colorbars! :D

uhm, yeah, so I've been working on these for the past week or so and I've decided that it's finally time to release them as I can always edit the post later and it'll be nice to see what everyone thinks. :)

1. Comment on which colorbars you're taking.

2. Link the colorbar to this post(<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/jeweledicecream/45601.html"><img src="image url here"></a>) or put something like "colorbar by jeweledicecream somewhere on the page you're using them.

3. No hotlinking. If you need somewhere to host your pictures, http://www.photobucket.com is good for hosting.

4. Pimp this post. ;) haha, kidding. Seriously though, I spent a lot of time on these so it would be awesome if you could tell your friends about this post (it's public).

(colorbars open in a new window)
If you're looking for a certain colorbar, hit ctrl+f and then type in the word you're looking for.


Anne Hathaway
Avenue Q (a)
Avenue Q (b)
Britney Spears
Cheez It
Chicago (movie)
Christina Aguilera
Desperate Housewive (a)
Desperate Housewive (b)
Desperate Housewives: Susan/Mike
Dracula 2000: Dracula
Emmy Rossum (a)
Emmy Rossum (b)
Eva Longoria
Evangeline Lily
Felicity Huffman
Gwen Stefani (a)
Gwen Stefani (b)
Hilary Duff
Idina Menzel (a)
Idina Menzel (b)
James Denton
Jesse Metcalfe
Jessica Simpson
Josh Holloway
Katie Holmes
Kelly Clarkson
Kristin Chenoweth
Lindsay Lohan
Lost: Jack Shephard
Lost: Kate
Lost: Jack/Kate
Mandy Moore
Marcia Cross
Mary Kate and Ashley
Matthew Fox
Mischa Barton
Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Nick Carter
Nicolette Sheridan
Phantom of the Opera (movie)
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Teri Hatcher (a)
Teri Hatcher (b)
Tyra Banks
Wicked: Elphaba
Wicked: Galinda

I will be taking 2 requests for each person (multi usernames don't count :P). Might do more later, but only 2 for now. Please check to see if I've done a colorbar on that fandom before you request. You still need to follow the rules at the top of this post, but this'll expand the kinds of fandoms I have on this post. :)

Character from a movie/tv show? If so, what movie/show?
Picture 1: (please post it as a URL)
Picture 2: (please post it as a URL)
Picture 3: (please post it as a URL)
What do you want it to say? (ie: movies are fun love)

*note* Requests can be for anything, anyone. :) The first question is just for listing the colorbars. For example, say there's a Jack colorbar. Jack who? With the first question, I can be able to list it as Lost: Jack or 24: Jack.

And please tell me if there are any broken links! I most likely have the colorbar uploaded and typoed while typing out the URL.

And please tell me if there are any broken links! I most likely have the colorbar uploaded and typoed while typing out the URL.

<3 Oddshiz
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